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About me?

Gregg Williams has recently completed 4 year MEng Computing upper second classification degree at University of Wales Swansea.
He is a Web Developer in Swansea (South Wales) and volunteers at a Port Talbot Charitable computer organisation. Gregg enjoys a challenge, working on solutions to unfamiliar problems or tasks. Previously part of a team maintaining an e-commerce website and has integrated Google checkout Level Two (Full Google checkout integration) using a combination of Classic ASP and C#.net with XML.
When time permits, he is also a general entrepreneur.
Curriculum Vitae
First year CS_134 web report

Hobbies include web design & development, rallying, music, tv and socialising (in reverse order almost).
Some things I've been working on (Testing site, not live)
Mobile device recognition (screen resolution) for Mobile Web Applications. Google Maps Integration. Custom DNS.
Swansea Glass Centre CMS site with strong SEO integration and reporting (year 4 project. Test server system is currently offline.)
Conference Management Application with online booking and payment (year 3 project. Test server system is currently offline.)

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